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What is a Dolomite Powder? A Little Bit about Dolomite Powder

Dolomite is a sedimentary rock composed of Calcium magnesium carbonate (CaCO3) that forms mainly from marine animal skeletons. It is a type of limestone that is manufactured to be used for various purposes. It is deemed safe to consume and come in calcium or magnesium supplements, tablets, capsules or antacids depending on your needs. Nonetheless,Continue reading “What is a Dolomite Powder? A Little Bit about Dolomite Powder”

Uses of Dolomite powder in different Industries

Dolomite powder is a type of mineral that can be obtained from the Dolomite rocks. It is mostly made up of Magnesium and Calcium compounds, which are the two main ingredients in this rock. This powder is quite white colored solid powder and has been used in numerous industries to manufacture various products. Anand TalcContinue reading “Uses of Dolomite powder in different Industries”

Best Quality of Dolomite Powder supplier in India

Dolomite Powder is a Carbonate of Calcium and magnesium, which is quite similar to limestone. Dolomite Powder has a fine crystalline structure with high brightness and so it can be used in paints, dyes, and in many other industrial applications. It has extensive application in steel plants, ceramic tiles, plastics, and paper industries. It hasContinue reading “Best Quality of Dolomite Powder supplier in India”

Dolomite Powder Supplier, Exporter in the Different Industry- Anand Talc

Dolomite powder discovers utilization in a wide assortment of businesses inferable from its whiteness and immaculateness. The mineral is less receptive and furthermore shows great corrosive obstruction which makes it a requested mineral in different enterprises. Its additionally utilized generally in the Iron and Steel industry because of its solidarity and similarity during the timeContinue reading “Dolomite Powder Supplier, Exporter in the Different Industry- Anand Talc”