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What are the main purposes of a junction box?

A junction box is a device that connects electrical cables. They are usually found in applications where multiple electrical outlets or breakers are required to be connected. A junction box is often located at the point where power from a source, such as an external service panel, enters the building. In order for this typeContinue reading “What are the main purposes of a junction box?”


Electrical Control Panel India is one of the important electrical equipment that is used in every electrical panel. Electrical panels play an important role in safety of the entire building. It is estimated that almost 97% of all electrical failures are due to damaged or defective control panels. It is important to have preventive measuresContinue reading “6 PREVENTION TIPS FOR ELECTRICAL CONTROL PANEL FAILURE”

Should You Repair or Replace Your Industrial Electrical Control Panel?

In industrial control panels there are many different aspects to be considered when determining if a control panel should be repaired or replaced. For example, do you need to replace all the components of your control panel or just some of them? A good rule of thumb is to inspect each part of your industrialContinue reading “Should You Repair or Replace Your Industrial Electrical Control Panel?”

Things you need to know about Distribution board

A distribution board is one such thing that we all come across every day, but have slightly limited knowledge about its functions. So, today we will discuss a few questions related to this topic. What is a distribution board? The main function of the distribution board is to distribute power to different areas of theContinue reading “Things you need to know about Distribution board”

UV Disinfection Tower – Pyrotech India

Pyrotech is one of the experts in offering UV Disinfection Tower . It is a safe and powerful tool which makes your surroundings completely hygienic. It has a capability to destroy all the microorganisms present in small areas. It easily gets rid of any kind of virus, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms present in theContinue reading “UV Disinfection Tower – Pyrotech India”

Why Every City Need Best Bus Stop Shelter?

The best bus stop shelters can protect passengers from various extreme conditions, such as rain, storm, etc. In addition, the bus stop shelters provide convenient and comfortable waiting environment for passengers. They can keep the passengers away from disasters. The best shelters can effectively reduce the passenger’s fatigue and delay waiting time through providing energy-savingContinue reading “Why Every City Need Best Bus Stop Shelter?”

Advantages of Prefabricated shelter Construction

Prefabricated Shelters in India is a modern method of house building and has been used for the last several decades. It’s a viable option over conventional construction in both commercial and residential projects. Prefabricated shelter construction provides economic and environmental advantages over conventional methods of building houses. Prefabricated houses are assembled in the factory underContinue reading “Advantages of Prefabricated shelter Construction”

Solar Bus Stop and Shelter Design for a Brighter Transit System

Solar bus stop and shelter designs are used for many reasons. Solar power has been known to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, light up night areas, create green jobs, and save millions in costs. These shelters come in all shapes, including PVs that are placed on top of them. They also use many types of PVsContinue reading “Solar Bus Stop and Shelter Design for a Brighter Transit System”

4 benefits of industrial automation in electronics manufacturing

Industrial automation is one of the key factors supporting businesses all over the world. In electronics manufacturing, there are a number of benefits that an industrial automation system brings along with it. A new electronic product may have a lot of challenges to be faced during its lifecycle. Given below are some of those benefitsContinue reading “4 benefits of industrial automation in electronics manufacturing”

What is Led wall and what are used for?

Among the many types of displays in the led display market, direct view LED video wall technology is becoming more and more popular throughout all industries including retail, hospitality, educational facilities, sports venues, casinos, museums, hospitals, tradeshows and entertainment establishments. A lot of companies are selecting LED video wall technology for signs, architectural displays, visualContinue reading “What is Led wall and what are used for?”