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Applications & Uses of Feldspar powder in 2021

Feldspar is a naturally occurring rock-forming substance that is found in large deposits throughout the earth’s crust. Feldspar is what gives granite its grey color and has been used as a home remedy to counter various health conditions for centuries. If not produced and processed correctly, feldspar can display carcinogenic properties. In low doses, feldsparContinue reading “Applications & Uses of Feldspar powder in 2021”

Get Feldspar Lumps at Best Price in India from Anand Talc

Feldspar Lumps is a non-ferrous ore, with a chemical composition of 33.5 SiO2, 18.03 Al2O3, and 52.7% Fe2O3 (by weight). They are also found combined with quartz; orthoclase feldspar is the more commonly used variety in industry and nature. Feldspar is a type of mineral that is added as a filler in the manufacturing ofContinue reading “Get Feldspar Lumps at Best Price in India from Anand Talc”