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What Are the Features That Define a Real Luxury Hotel?

Luxury is an increasingly subjective term, and given that, it’s hard to define exactly what makes a hotel truly luxurious. Is it the service? The amenities? The decor? While each of these are valid measures, they don’t fully capture the essence of a luxury experience. Instead, luxury is defined by the intangible feeling one getsContinue reading “What Are the Features That Define a Real Luxury Hotel?”

Features That Make Any Hotel Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

People love to visit 5 Star Hotels in bhuj and rest, that’s why the hospitality industry is so lucrative. Hotels often provide a great level of comfort, cleanliness and of course pleasant services. One of the most important things you should focus on as a hotelier is your guests’ experience at your place. In factContinue reading “Features That Make Any Hotel Feel Like a Luxury Hotel”

Top Features Of A Great Business Hotel

The demand for great accommodation has grown as we remain more experienced and conscious of our travel needs. A hotel that satisfies all travel needs builds a sense of trust with both the business traveller and their employer. In addition, to cater to growing trends in travel, hospitality businesses need to stay constantly updated onContinue reading “Top Features Of A Great Business Hotel”

The Magic Touch: Luxury Spa Experiences In Bhuj

Do you like luxury spa experiences? There is a difference between the 5 Star Hotels in Bhuj and the ones with the same (or even more) facilities. Luxury is not just about jacuzzis, infinity pools and saunas, it’s also when you feel like you’re in a 5 star resort with its own unique personality. TimesContinue reading “The Magic Touch: Luxury Spa Experiences In Bhuj”

Give the Gift of Relaxation for the Holidays

Warm up to winter this holiday season with relaxing trips to Bhuj. Bhuj is a popular retreat for snowbirds, but the area also pleases people who come to visit family and friends during the holidays. If you’re looking for an area that combines luxury resorts with friendly societies and gorgeous natural surroundings, you should considerContinue reading “Give the Gift of Relaxation for the Holidays”

Best Luxury Villas Resort in Bhuj, Gujarat – Spring & Summer Opening 2022

Looking for a vacation destination where you can relax and pamper yourself? Times Square Resort is the perfect place. You can spend some quality time in the comfort of our Luxury Resorts in Bhuj. Bhuj is quite famous for its beaches, serene hill stations and pleasant weather throughout the year. Bhuj is a very popularContinue reading “Best Luxury Villas Resort in Bhuj, Gujarat – Spring & Summer Opening 2022”

Discover A New Level Of Luxury with Time Square

Moving to any new place can be a very exciting experience for anyone. For the foreigners visiting India, it is especially so as they get to explore new places at every corner. One of such favorite tourists spot in India is the state of gujarat. An excellent amalgamation of old culture, relics and a richContinue reading “Discover A New Level Of Luxury with Time Square”