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How to maintain consistency during neet preparation

High scores in neet are not as difficult to achieve as they might seem. This is because, once you know how to score well in the exams, there is only a little that needs to be done to increase your consistency in scoring. Follow these simple steps and you will soon see a significant changeContinue reading “How to maintain consistency during neet preparation”


3 Mistake NEET Aspirant should avoid during NEET Preparation

If you are one of those who are preparing for NEET/AIIMS, you have already started studying. And if you are studying, then you may be committing these mistakes. These are the 3 mistakes that aspirants commit while studying. Aspirants should not commit these mistakes otherwise they won’t be able to score well in NEET/AIPMT. NotContinue reading “3 Mistake NEET Aspirant should avoid during NEET Preparation”