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Why Practical Classes is more important than theory in Hotel Management?

Deviating slightly from the classical management philosophies, one needs to understand that practical classes are more important than the theory under any circumstances. In a scenario, you are not capable of performing well in your job owing to the lack of some academic knowledge. Practical classes are more important than theory in hotel management. WhenContinue reading “Why Practical Classes is more important than theory in Hotel Management?”


Benefits of Internship for Hotel Management students

Students who have a keen interest in the hospitality industry go for Hotel Management courses. In your college days, you will get ample opportunities to network and interact with eminent personalities, travel across the country, and even travel abroad. You would have an opportunity to keep up with all the latest developments in the hospitalityContinue reading “Benefits of Internship for Hotel Management students”

Top Reasons for Pursuing Diploma Courses in Udaipur

Many aspiring students want to pursue and start their carrier with diploma courses. The diploma is a very short but very important and useful course of study according to your future carrier desire. This is why it is a compulsory requirement to choose the right institute where you can get a quality education that meetsContinue reading “Top Reasons for Pursuing Diploma Courses in Udaipur”

What are the Qualities Needed to Become Hotel Manager

To become a manager in a hotel, one has to qualify for it. For doing so, the hotel managements look for the qualities, skills which are required to be possessed by a person in order to become a hotel manager. The qualities include leadership skills, good communication skills, good interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, etc. CommunicationContinue reading “What are the Qualities Needed to Become Hotel Manager”

Scope Of Doing Hotel Management Course in2021

The Scope of Hotel Management in India is perceived as developing and promising sector which is the reason behind a high number of Hotel Schools to emerge in the following few years. The scale of hotel business in India offers various free positions for understudies at the Graduate and Post Graduate level to browse andContinue reading “Scope Of Doing Hotel Management Course in2021”