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Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in the UK

The scholarship is a way to help students by Schools, universities, local organizations, or private bodies for their studies in UK colleges and universities, UK is the most sought country for higher education among Indian students for its quality education system. There are several types of scholarships you can apply for including full-time and part-timeContinue reading “Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in the UK”

Best Study Abroad Consultant in Udaipur

Are you looking for top Study Abroad Consultant in Udaipur, which might help you with the study abroad application process? So, if you are looking for Overseas Education Consultant in udaipur, you have landed at right place to know everything about it. Keyway Abroad is a best study abroad consultant in Udaipur. Over the yearsContinue reading “Best Study Abroad Consultant in Udaipur”

Top Reasons to Study Abroad- Keyway Abroad

Considering studying abroad in college? Maybe you’re just curious about the topic. This blog post is for you. While many questions are running through your head while deciding on a study abroad program, here are some of the top reasons why students should join a study abroad program. Hone Your Language Skills There are severalContinue reading “Top Reasons to Study Abroad- Keyway Abroad”

How to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad

When looking for college scholarships you’ll find your best chance for success is when you’re researching how to get a scholarship to study abroad. Most colleges offer tuition-paying foreign exchange programs where students can study abroad, and those colleges will go out of their way to encourage those types of opportunities as opposed to sendingContinue reading “How to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad”

Reasons to study in New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand is an ideal choice for students from not only the Asia Pacific but also students all over the world. From the beautiful forests and beaches to the warm and welcoming people, there are many reasons why people find New Zealand a very attractive destination for study opportunities. If you are aContinue reading “Reasons to study in New Zealand”

Reasons why you should consider an education consultancy to study abroad

I can relate to such a situation because when I left college, I was doubting about the next step. There were several points which were playing on my mind – where to go, what to do and whether I would be eligible or not. The load of books and research papers finished at last butContinue reading “Reasons why you should consider an education consultancy to study abroad”

Best Courses in Canada for Indian Students

The quality of education in Canada has been rated as one of the highest as per international standards. Hence, it is not surprising that many Indian students are eager to seek admission for higher studies in Canada. Students who have demonstrated their excellence at this level need to think twice before heading abroad, as thereContinue reading “Best Courses in Canada for Indian Students”