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The most beautiful hill station

There are many places in the world which are considered as the most blessed and beautiful places to visit. Mount Abu or Arbuda Mountains in Rajasthan, India is a perfect example for these. This is located on the Aravalli ranges in southern Rajasthan and rises to an elevation of 1544 meters from sea level. ItContinue reading “The most beautiful hill station”


Top 5 Must Visit Temples in Udaipur for weekend gateways

After a long, tiresome week, Udaipur becomes the perfect place for a weekend gateway. The city has several boisterous temples to explore, relaxing lakes to enjoy, and the biggest palace to admire. With Om travel online, leading Taxi service in Udaipur, as your companion you can anytime explore the best temples in Udaipur and makeContinue reading “Top 5 Must Visit Temples in Udaipur for weekend gateways”

How to choose the best taxi services in Udaipur

Udaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in India. It is located in Rajasthan and is very famous for its scenic beauty. This city attracts numerous tourists from all over the world to its royal palaces, lakes, gardens and other stunning places which makes this city special. But travelling by taxi service in UdaipurContinue reading “How to choose the best taxi services in Udaipur”