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Everything to Know Before Trying at Home

Henna powder manufacturer

Nowadays people are careless with their hair. They don’t take care of it the way they should. As a result, they face several kinds of hair problems such as roughness, dryness, oiliness and a lot more. Rather using expensive and chemical enriched shampoos even after that the problem is not solved rather it makes the entire process worsened.

If you want to get rid of all these worries then use the henna powder. It is the best and natural way to treat your hair problems rather than using harmful chemical-based products that give rise to several side effects to your hairs as well.

Most of your friends or relatives must have told you that henna was applied on the hairs for dyeing purpose. But, do you know that there are some practical and useful benefits of henna used for hairs?

Black Henna Powder for Hair Dye:

Henna, well-known as one of the best natural hair colouring products in the world is known for its ability to cover grey hairs. It’s not only a dye but also a conditioner which when well combined with some essential oils makes the entire product more effective and natural. Black henna, made from Cassia Obovata plant, acts like a natural conditioner and thus it can work as good for your hairs.


Henna is a plant that has been used to dye skin and hair since antiquity. It never goes out of style and is preferred worldwide for its appealing and subtle effects. Henna can be used as hair dye, giving your natural hair new shine, softness and texture. It also tells you how chemically treated hair with henna treated result into a beautiful shade of reddish-brown or soft brown colour.

How to prepare?

Simply mix the black henna powder with water u can also add the paste or water of awla that is best for the blackening of hairs without any risk harm. The water should be taken in the same proportion to that of powder to be 1/4thof powder and 3/4th of water or any liquid.

If you wan to buy Organic Henna powder then we supply henna powder in various country and cities like:

Organic Henna Powder for Hair Supplier London

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BAQ Henna

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Why black henna for hair from us?

We have henna being made from the leaves of henna plant. That is specially exported from the city of Sojat famous for its mehndi . Also, we are dealing in henna since many years we guarantee you to make ugly thin & Shiny.


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