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Amazing benefits of quartz powder

Quartz belongs to most common of all minerals. It is an essential component of igneous and metamorphic rocks. But in its pure form it is not crude, it is very difficult to isolate fossil or natural quartz crystals. Uses of Quartz Powder are spread over a very wide range of industry where functional roles of it are also varied, like quartz powder is used as filler in porcelain, ceramics, sanitary ware and engineered stone industry while quartz grains are used in sand blasting and bore hole drilling due to properties like hardness, high elastic limit and resistance against thermal shock.

Some call them “contour countertops”, but they’re better known as “quartz” countertops. They’re a form of engineered stone, made from ground-up particles of stone bound together with plastic resins. Anand Talc is the most popular Quartz powder Manufacturers in India and also Quartz Suppliers in India Grain.

Benefits of Quartz Powder: –

  • Quartz as a new material for glass beads replacement —in the field of coatings and fillers: quartz powder with good scattering and extinction effect, and relatively low density, brightness up to 92–95, and bright color, will be substituted in industrial applications instead of traditional reflective glass beads and used in the paint where the skid resistance has been greatly improved.
  • The filling of quartz sand is a relatively common technology in resin. The quartz very fine powder can be mixed directly with the resin or mixed with the curing agent liquid, which is added when it is necessary for some types of resins additives, filling light effects than ordinary fine silica sand small and suitable for some surface decoration products, and is an important part of equipment.
  • Ultra-fine silica powder is a very commonly used additive in the nylon and resin molding process. It has a great influence on the properties of the product and it can be used in automobile, electrical appliances, toys, sports equipment, aerospace industry, and other high-performance industrial products casting parts.
  • Ultrafine grinding is currently adopted by the glass and metallurgical industry, construction material manufacturers. Such as ultra-fine grinding in glass and mirror will now be widely used in glass and mirror to make clear vision glasses, more than 90% of the world’s industrial production, finishing coated surfaces
  • Quartz powder is derived from fine silica sand. It is pure, colorless, transparent material. Because of its uniform particle size distribution, low brittleness, high abrasive resistance and other excellent performance, In the casting industry, quartz powder would be used as an additive and flux to reduce shrinkage ratio of the cast during cooling, and the use of high silicon content of quartz powder to produce silicon alloy in metal smelting.

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