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Explore Udaipur with the best travel agency in udaipur

As the foremost travel agency in Udaipur we at Comfort tours and travels offer completely satisfying Udaipur tour package. We create wonderful memories of the city for our travellers with customised and budget friendly Udaipur tour packages. The breath-taking lakes, palace and temples are just some of the reasons why Udaipur tops the list of places to visit if you’re a tourist visiting India. But there are many more reasons why it has been called the Venice of East.

As a destination, Udaipur has a colourful past that spans across a period of over 4 centuries. To begin with, the name of the city is attributed to 16th century ruler Udai Singh (1559–72) who founded it in 1559. The Mewar dynasty initially suffered an onslaught from Mughal forces under Emperor Akbar but then went on to expand its boundaries making Udaipur the capital of an extensive kingdom. It was Udai Singh’s grandson, Maharana Pratap (1572–1597), who led the Mewar resistance to the Mughals. Legend has it that he remained undefeated despite numerous attempts made by his enemy, Emperor Akbar

Situated in the heart of Rajasthan and spread across a sprawling area – the master-planned City Beautiful offers a wide choice of hotels and resorts to stay that range from budget to luxury.

Udaipur is a tourist hotspot in Rajasthan, with good reason. It’s got wonderful boutique hotels nestled in picturesque spots to make your stay enjoyable, the most amazing sightseeing experiences across countless palaces and monuments each a bigger architectural marvel than the next, culture is at every corner, be it colourful marketplaces or priceless artefact-holding museums. And the food is just as rich! Here you need a tour operator in Udaipurwho will help to explore whole Udaipur andmake your tour memorable

The lakes have also resulted in the creation of picturesque settings, which provide a natural complement to more man-made attractions such as the City Palace and Jagdish Temple. There is one lake close to the palace and another within its premises; while the latter is currently the site of a stunning hotel that’s one of Udaipur’s top accommodations (there is also a palace hotel), the former is where you will be able to find both a luxury resort and throw out a fishing line (or take a ride in a row boat) to catch some fish.

It’s the perfect destination for those wanting to explore one of India’s most historic cities, rich with heritage and culture. Whether it’s the local markets, palace guides, boat rides or countless festivals, there is a diverse array of activities in this popular destination. Udaipur puts on a spectacular show for every visitor who decides to become immersed in its rich history and vibrant culture.


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