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Weight loss: These 5 dry fruits are BEST to lose weight

Weight loss begins in your kitchen. You cannot outsource your diet to the gym and then eat unhealthy foods. Find healthy recipes for meals and snacks that you will enjoy eating. Dry fruits low in calories are abundant on earth. A person will need to choose a necessary product that has the lowest caloric content. It is worth to note that when it comes to losing weight, there is no shortcut. An individual needs to exercise and eat food with a low calorie content. It is worthwhile for an individual to start eating food with a low calorie content. When it comes to food with minerals, vitamins and fibers, dry fruits are best. Dry fruits have the natural power of boosting one’s body when it comes to health.

The List of Best Dry Fruits for Weight Loss

Dried Blueberries

I’m sure you’ve heard about them. These little blue wonders are getting more and more popular in today’s society. Blueberries are delicious, and so is the smoothie that you can make from them. They contain Vitamin C, fibre, powerful anti-oxidants and potassium. These berries do not have any fat, sodium or cholesterol which is good to keep your body healthy. You can make a non-fat blueberry smoothie by combining yogurt and dried blueberries. Skip the sugar! Drink this twice in a day. It promotes better digestion which leads to regular waste elimination.

Dried Cranberries

Cranberries are still a very popular fruit. If you were to look for cranberries in the market, you will surely find many options to choose from. This may make it difficult for you to decide which brand to buy and take home. With that, I would like to suggest Healthy Master’s dried cranberries that are all delicious and wonderful. The good thing about these dried cranberries is that you can add them to your diet such as adding it to your salad or smoothie. You may also drink it as a smoothie. The dried cranberries contain dietary fibre which helps in keeping you away from cardio-vascular diseases. The fruit is low in calories value and a significant amount of C. They contain the good carotene to fight against cancer and heart related troubles.


Sugar is one of the biggest enemies in our battle to weight lose. Sugar is a silent killer that makes you gain a lot of weight. Not only that, excessive sugar intake can also result in some serious health problems. However, fortunately nowadays there are several food items that can be used as substitutes of sugar. The best substitute of sugar is raisins because of their richness in fiber and natural sugars. Raisins contain less calories and are available in different flavours, making them a perfect substitute for sugar.


Soak almonds overnight in a bowl of water with some muslin cloth over it. Do not add any salt or acidic flavor to the water. This will make you suppress hunger and after consuming this, you will feel full for 5-6 hours. The fat present in the nuts is what helps you shed excessive weight!  Add almonds in your diet if you are looking to reduce some extra pounds in your body. It contains the element of mono-saturated fat that reduces your body weight by managing unnecessary calories and also helps you to control your tummy.


Dates are an excellent source of fibre. Researches have discovered that dates can help in reducing cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure. Dates are also known to be good for people suffering from diabetes and other kinds of metabolic disorder.


Dried fruits are amongst the healthiest food in the world. These sun-dried snacks provide a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals and other natural substances that are essential for human body. Dry fruits come in different flavors and colors, like orange, figs, pistachio, apricot…etc. If your mission is to weight lose and feel lighter, you must add dried fruits in your diet! There are lots of online store where you can buy dry fruits online at best price


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