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Scope Of Doing Hotel Management Courses

The hotel management field has become a soaring career path among students. With the upsurge in globalization, Hotel Management course has created a huge demand for Indian hotel management professionals across the Globe. As a hotel management candidate, you should expect to attend college level classes in areas including hospitality management, accounting, finance, marketing, and others. A common class that is taken by most candidates is hospitality law which provides a basic understanding of industry legalities. UIHM is best Hotel Management Course in Udaipur.

Becoming a hotel management graduate, will not just open the gateway to a wide range of career opportunities for you but will also enhance your employability prospects. Also, being an asset in hospitality industry, you can apply for other jobs in highly established corporate houses too.

Front Office Manager

The front office manager works in the top senior position in an office environment that is responsible for handling all the customer queries and calls, ensure that the customer is taken care of and provided accommodation as per his or her requirement along with accounts and supervising the professional workspace. The front office manager is a key member of the administrative staff and has to work with hospitality at heart.

Housekeeping Manager

The Housekeeping manager is the head of a housekeeping staff. This position manages the entire department. They control and organize the cleaning services in an establishment, like a hospital, hotel, or any other institution. The Housekeeping manager must have the organizational skills to keep work in check and at the same time ensure that they are delivering exceptional quality of service to the clients. Keeping the staff well trained and motivated to provide quality service is another key responsibility of this job.

Food and beverage Supervisor

Food and beverage service is an aspect of hospitality industry that involves serving food and drinks to the customers successfully. Food service includes providing the ordered food at the right time and quality. Beverage service includes handling all sorts of drinks that include beverages, liquor, cocktails, mocktails, soft drinks, wine, beer, juice etc. This service also puts in extra efforts for providing right cutlery, spoon for soup and proper beverage glass help to give a good impression.  UIHM Offer International Bachelor in Hotel Management in India

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