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What is Sage evolution?

Small businesses face unique challenges and opportunities that require a comprehensive and holistic approach to effectively operate and grow profitably. Your business needs a completely new operating environment if it is to progress. An integrated solution with a holistic view of your business is the only way to revolutionise your approach to doing business.

Sage Evolution ERP Software Solution

Sage Evolution ERP Software solution provides small businesses with a completely new dimension in business management software, designed with small businesses in mind. It allows them to run ‘smaller sized’ versions of core financial processes including invoicing, payroll, purchase ledger, accounts receivable, inventory management. Sage Evolution ERP Software Solution enables to see all aspects of what’s happening in your business at one glance. It gives you instant access to the running data across accounting, warehouse management, sales order management and purchasing control to enable you to spot trends

Have you ever felt your small business wasn’t growing as fast as you would like? You may need help in managing your business accounts. Getting help from an accountant can be expensive. That’s why Sage Evolution is the ideal accounting solution for small businesses. It’s affordable, easy to use, and it services many industries including plumbing, builders, fashion, finance, recruitment, bakery…whatever your business is in, there’s an Evolution for you!  it’s almost impossible to run a successful business without a proper accounting system. Your business will probably outgrow the capabilities of your first accounting software pretty soon. If you’re lucky, your first system can accept third-party modules and you can find one to suit your business needs. If you’re not so lucky, it’s time to start looking for a new accounting solution.

Every small business is different, and that’s why Sage Evolution was created. It’s designed to be highly flexible and addable, so you can add global modules such as payroll and project accounting to match your business needs.


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